Recycling - R I P (RABBITS IN PEACE)

That's right! In exchange for a gift voucher we will recycle your unwanted rabbit vibrators and other sex toys. It doesn't matter if your toy no longer works, has worn out or if you’ve just moved on to a new one – we'll take them all!

How to Recycle Your Sex Toy

You may be unaware of how to recycle sex toys, but it simply couldn't be easier! Just remove all batteries from your product, wrap it in a plastic bag, and then pop it in a jiffy bag or something similar. Once you have done that, send it to us in the post, and we'll take care of the rest.

We take great care when we recycle sex toys. We dispose of your items in an environmentally friendly way, ensuring as much as possible is recycled.

Free Gift Voucher When You Recycle Sex Toys!

As we said before, we will send you a gift voucher for recycling sex toys with us. This will be sent via e-mail, so only packages sent with the e-mail address on the outside of the box/envelope will receive a voucher- so that you don't miss out on your reward! With sex toy recycling being this easy (and with such a good incentive!) there's no reason not to do it!

This sevice is only available to items sent from Great Britian.

Please send your Rabbit vibrators or sex toys to:

RE-CYCLING DEPT, Walter House, Wickford, SS11 8YG