Fifty Shades of Grey

Sex Essentials

There are all kinds of fancy toys, vibrators and other sex accessories out there to make your sex life amazing. Before you even think about them though, you need to lay the foundations of great sex with these bedroom essentials. Here you will find everything to help your sex life run as smoothly and as safely as possible!

Bedroom Essentials from Condoms to Bondage Kits

Condoms are perhaps the number one bedroom essential. Our Durex condoms not only offer the best protection, but make sex feel as good as if you are wearing nothing! In varying degrees of thickness, we offer extra safe condoms for peace of mind, intimate feel condoms for amazing sensations and even Fifty Shades of Grey condoms! Couple these condoms with some of our amazing lubricants for safe sex that feels out of this world. Available in a variety of flavours, why not treat yourself to some and discover which your favourite is?

For those who want to kit themselves out with everything that they need for a great time, our sets are full to the brim with bedroom essentials, making sure you’re prepared for anything! From a kit containing everything you need for a romantic getaway, to bondage kits perfect for lovers of all things kinky – we've got it all! Our Mystery Box is a great buy too, perfect for opening and discovering what's inside with your partner. It also makes a really fun, naughty gift! Who knew that surprises could be this sexy?

Stock up on Sex Accessories

Batteries and chargers are also available, so that power shortages won't get in the way of your sex life. So why not treat yourself to something special? If your bedroom is lacking in any of these sex essentials, then you are in for a very pleasant surprise when you decide to stock up! Your partner will thank you, and you'll thank us!