Fancy Dress

Now, we know that you look gorgeous in your underwear, or even less, but sometimes an occasion calls for a little dressing up. Our range of fancy dress outfits will leave you feeling the sexiest you have ever been, and your partner will be left speechless by the sight in front of him. Whether you keep your purchase strictly for the bedroom or are pulling out every stop for a fancy dress party, you'll be attracting the right kind of attention in one of these seriously sexy fancy dress outfits.

Sexy Women’s Fancy Dress Ideas

We all know about the maid fantasy, and our French Maid Outfit is perfect for bringing it to life! The outfit consists of a short skirt that is teamed with a white frilly underskirt, finished off with a little apron. You'll scrub up well, that's for sure! All you need is a feather duster, or maybe a cheeky feather tickler to use on your partner. There's also a nurse's uniform, which will be ideal to slip into when your partner is suffering from a raised temperature and a rapid pulse, although we can't promise that that will change when you take it off. It's a good job you are there to tend to him then!

Little Red Riding Hood is wandering all on her own through the woods, only for the big bad wolf to capture her and ravish her. That outfit will certainly make the ravishing part all the more exciting! With its short skirt and cape, all you need is your basket full of treats to complete the outfit. If you fancy walking on the wild side, our cat outfit is the perfect example of sexy women’s fancy dress. Meow! Finally, when it comes to Christmas presents, dressing up in our cheeky Santa outfit will make you the best Christmas gift your partner has ever had the pleasure of unwrapping. Our range of sexy fancy dress costumes for women is sure to please all year round!

There's so much choice on offer, so why not treat yourself to one or two outfits if you are unsure? Well, we say treating yourself, but we are sure that your significant other will be equally pleased! Women’s sexy fancy dress has certainly never looked this good.

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