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14" Spined Double Dong
New vertebrae core design allows you to bend it into any shape and hold it there. Ultra double dong ..
Anovibe Anal Beads
This firm, but flexible, vibrating anal bead stick is 5" long and has a waterproof, wireless egg. Th..
Big Jelly Double Dong
    This jelly dildo is the perfect sex toy for couples to share or for individual u..
Gold Butt Plug - Large
For some of us, bigger really does mean better. This large gold butt plug will satisfy those who hav..
Gold Butt Plug - Small
If you're new to anal toys and are looking for something that's going to satisfy your needs over and..
LoveAider Vibrating Anal Probe
Experience anal gratification with our vibrating anal bead toy. The wired remote control with 12 vib..
Miniature Double Dong
The miniature double dong is the baby of the double ender family. It has a tapered fat to skinny pen..
Personal Double Dong
Mini double ender the perfect companion for personal use, can also be used with a partner. Super fle..
Shocking Anal Vibe
Gradual and flexible enables a very pleasant penetration for both, him and her. The irregular shape,..
Shocking Anal Vibe Heart
Gradual and flexible enables a very pleasant penetration for both, him and her. The irregular shape,..
Shocking G-spot
Thanks, to its 10 speeds, the bullet inserted in this jointed and silicone sex toy, will give you in..
Shocking Vibe Curve
With 10 different vibration speeds, its curved shape delivers deep and pleasurefull penetration. Erg..
Shocking Vibrator
This G-spot vibrator with textured tip for maximum G-spot stimulation features 10 vibration modes. Y..
Silver Butt Plug Large
When smaller butt plugs have lost their thrill, this amazing large silver butt plug is the perfect u..
Silver Butt Plug Small
A perfect purchase for those who are new to anal play, this small silver butt plug is a great way to..

Anal toys are seen as something for the more experienced customer to buy, when there is so much on offer for complete beginners too. Our anal sex toys range from small plugs and beads perfect for novices, to bigger, more advanced toys perfect for the more adventurous and indeed more experienced customer.

Plugs, Probes, G-Spot Massagers and More

At the smaller end of the scale, we are pleased to offer toys such as the Gold and Silver plugs, which are as functional as they are beautiful. They may be small enough for beginners to use comfortably but that doesn't mean that they under-deliver on sensation. They are heavier than normal plugs, creating a deep, weighted sensation that will have you experiencing plenty of pleasure when wearing it. The gorgeous sparkling gem at the wide base then turns this from a simple toy into a gorgeous intimate accessory. The Anovibe Anal Beads provide plenty of fun for anal newbies too, with their slim girth and gently tapering size. The also contain a wireless vibrating egg which can be kept in or removed, depending on your mood. If it's a probe you're after, then look no further than the LoveAider Vibrating Anal Probe, with its petite 6'' length and 12 amazing vibration settings.

If you think that bigger means better, then we have plenty of choice for you too! Our famed double dongs guarantee twice the pleasure, with the choice of a miniature dong or a super-sized 14'' dong with a vertebrae core design, perfect for bending into the shape of your choice. Our anal toy range doesn't stop their either - there are larger versions of our Gold and Silver plugs for those wanting to up-size from the smaller ones, and a great choice of vibrators too. These include the fabulous Shocking vibes, in a multitude of shapes and sizes that will make you see stars. So as you can see, the choice of anal sex toys is vast! With this many options, it seems silly to limit yourself to just one purchase...